Company profile

S&T leading IT company

For the past 25 years S&T Hrvatska has been one of the leading providers of comprehensive IT solutions in Croatia. The comprenhensive offer of S&T Croatia includes business consulting, implementation and development of business applications, education and planning, development, implementation, maintenance and outsourcing of all IT and business solutions, which represents one of the largest scope portfolios in Croatia.
Our main goal is, with the use of information technology, expertise and innovation, to support the competitive advantage of your company and thus ensure your business excellence.

More than 160 of our experts, ensure top quality services and satisfaction of our clients by developing innovative and tailored solutions for every company with the help of their extensive knowledge and experience. The secret of our success are our experts!

Besides Zagreb, S&T Hrvatska has subsidiaries successfully representing the company in Osijek, Rijeka and Split.

International presence

S&T Hrvatska is part of S&T AG. The company with headquarters in Linz is listed in the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange and is represented in 19 countries with about 70 branch offices. As one of the most renowned suppliers of IT solutions, S&T AG is with with more than 4.000 employees one of the industry leaders in Central and Eastern Europe. The company offers a large portfolio of innovative proprietary technologies, professional services and first-class IT products. 
S&T countries: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia,Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Taiwan.

As a result of S&T’s unique structure, S&T teams in each country are not only provided with well-trained professionals who know all the specifics of the local situation, they can also call upon the international expertise of S&T’s experts in 19 countries who actively support and promote the exchange of knowledge, providing a level of back-up support.

Our Advantages

  • our size, which provides greater stability
  • regional presence, which facilitates better accessibility and adaptability
  • years of experience, a broad portfolio of products and services
  • exceptional knowledge of business processes and understanding of the importance of IT technologies in everyday business
  • top-notch technological solutions based on "turnkey"

Our values

In S&T Hrvatska, we create added value and return on investment for our customers along the entire IT value-adding chain. Our commitment is best described by our own values by which we live and work: PASSION, INNOVATION, EXPERTISE and PARTNERSHIP.
Many people in the business world think brains and brawn are what really count. At S&T, we are convinced that heart and passion are also needed. Our employees show true commitment to their work and find meaning in the tasks assigned to them. Only those who accept challenges with honest enthusiasm and dedication will be able to ensure long-term profits and success.
There are people who spend a lot of time analyzing the future. We prefer to take the future into our own hands. The underlying key is innovation, which is why S&T embodies a corporate culture promoting creative and pro-active individuals. In turn, this requires a willingness to take risks, forge new paths and believe in the power of vision.
A company such as S&T can only be as good as the people who work for us. Their know-how, experience and cultural diversity comprise our most valuable asset. We never lose sight of this fact. Therefore, true expertise for us begins with the careful selection and professional training of our employees. It’s not for nothing that they rank among the most sought-after people in our industry.
We’re not satisfied having a “good customer relationship”. At S&T, we consider cooperation with customers to be a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Thinking and behavior are designed to achieve a common goal: finding the best solution for every challenge, no matter how difficult it is. That’s also one of the reasons why partnerships with our customers are so long-lasting. 

Mission and strategic aims of the company are

  • To help businesses in Emerging Europe improving their results through efficient application of Information Technology.
  • To become the leading manufacturer-independent system integrator in Eastern Europe with the strongest local presence.
  • To generate lasting values for customers and shareholders.
  • To preserve the highly qualified staff through adequate incentives including training and coaching.

Core fields of business

S&T offers an industry specific service portfolio in the areas of consulting, integration and outsourcing. It involves IT consulting, optimization of business processes, cloud computing, outsourcing of IT processes and many more. High technological standards and many years of experiences enable a fast and efficient execution of projects. Our clients trust for years in S&T´s expertise used during large projects or smaller niche solutions. The widespread presence in Eastern Europe is one of the most unique features of the S&T Group.

We create added value and return on investment for our customers along the entire IT value-adding chain.

Certified quality – Certificate ISO

Quality control is an important part of our business. Our goal is to recognize and fulfil our client’s specific requirements in a reliable and professional way, and thus establish long-term partnerships. The quality of our services is the decisive factor enabling us to realize our goals, therefore it is of key importance for us to be committed to our clients in our daily work and to constantly adapt to their needs.
For this purpose we have set up a quality control system, which we constantly maintain and upgrade.

ISO Certificate

Strategic partnerships

In order to offer customer services at the highest level S&T cooperates closely with world-wide leading IT companies. We are proud that S&T Hrvatska has been chosen as business partner by a multitude of world renowned and exceptionally successful companies such as Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,  SAP etc. Based on superb technological know-how and excellent knowledge of the industry we tailor information technology to our clients' needs. We create added value for our clients with our comprehensive IT solutions and services.
Please find  list of our partners here: List of partners

Our customers

We serve mainly mid-sized and large companies from the telecommunications and financial services industries, the public sector as well as utilities and industrial and retail companies. In S&T Hrvatska, we seek mutually successful, long-term relationships with our customers. Clients receive comprehensive support in the areas of IT strategy, business processes and systems.
Our up to date and quality services are trusted by numerous domestic and foreign companies, We are proud they have chosen S&T as their business partner!