Corporate Social Responsibility

The international nature of the business operations of the S&T Group is based on adherence to different legal regulations and social customs in the countries in which S&T operates. The Code of Conduct defines the obligations of the company and the behavior of each S&T employee towards stakeholders, ellow employees, customers and suppliers. The S&T Group endeavors to support the sustainable development of those markets and countries in which the company is active. For this reason, S&T supports initiatives in the fields of education, science and in the social sector.

Code of Conduct for the S&T Group

The reputation of our company and the trust of our customers, investors, employees and the public depend on the concrete conduct of every individual who works for the S&T Group. We all want to do the right thing for ourselves and for S&T. This Code of Conduct is a useful guide that defines the way that S&T Group employees should behave towards the company, colleagues, customers, suppliers and the public.

This Code of Conduct represents a summary of binding guidelines for everybody who is employed by S&T (hereafter “employees”). Although the Code of Conduct is primarily intended as an internal policy document, it also provides our business partners with information about the conduct that they can expect from us, as well as that which we expect from them.
Code of Conduct

Guidelines for socially responsible behavior and key activities:


S&T employees are the company’s most important asset and determine the success of the S&T Group. All employees are treated equally, regardless of their nationality, religion, ethnic origin, gender, age or sexual orientation. S&T relies on motivated and competent employees and therefore invests in their continuing education and expertise.
Highly trained people used to working and communicating in different cultures and markets work for the S&T Group. For this reason, the main responsibilities of the Human Resources Department are personnel development and the targeted advancement of promising young employees. Specific performance
incentives and significant variable salary components for most positions are offered at both the local and Group levels. The quality of S&T’s human resources work was also recognized by external institutes in 2010.
Close to 60% of all employees hold a university degree. In some countries such as Albania and Hungary  this figure is over 85 %. The Serbian subsidiary boasts the highest percentage of women in its staff, at 43 %, followed by S&T  Romania with a 39 % share of female employees.
The average age of S&T’s staff is 39.

Customer satisfaction

We’re not satisfied having a “good customer relationship”. At S&T, we consider cooperation with customers to be a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Thinking and behavior are designed to achieve a common goal: finding the best solution for every challenge, no matter how difficult it is. That’s also one of the reasons why partnerships with our customers are so long-lasting.

Every one to two years, S&T implements a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” in 13 countries, asking 1,250 of its most important customers to respond. The representative results (with a response rate of over 44 percent) of the last available study carried out in 2009 shows an improvement in overall customer
satisfaction. Whereas S&T was rated at a level of 2.3 in the year 2008, the company was given an overall rating of 2.2 in 2009 (1 = very satisfied, 6 = very dissatisfied). The results are a fixed
component of the performance targets set with our employees

Environmental issues

The business activities of the S&T Group do not encompass the production of material goods. For this reason, the environmental impact is naturally very limited. Nevertheless, S&T attaches considerable importance to the issue of energy efficiency in selecting the  suitable IT infrastructure for customers and for its own use.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Despite economic pressures, the S&T Group strives to support the sustainable development of the markets and countries in which the company operates. The CSR Report describes the specific measures taken by the Group in detail. S&T provides money and other donations for education, sport, art, culture and social causes. The allocation of donations must be transparent. This requires the motivation for donations to be recorded in the form of recipient and purpose of the donation.