S&T employees

Business success, growth and good business results are undoubtedly the reflection of various factors within the company. One of the most important ones is the employee.
As a multinational, multicultural provider of complete IT strategies, business processes and systems S&T connects east and west on a highly skilled, high-tech level. But despite all the technology, it is still humans who play the leading part. We are well aware that all business success is based on our employees and each individual’s contribution.

It was the selective personnel policy that enabled us in the past decades to employ people that we are proud of. With expanding the activity and consequently enlarging the number of employees we managed to gather not only the adequately educated but also very competent and reliable workers. 
Employees are invited to contribute skills, knowledge, values and culture when they join S&T as an active staff member. S&T provides them with support for their ideas, creativity and actions in their function, for developing their skills and personality and for reaching their career targets within their home country or abroad.
S&T regularly invests in ongoing education and training of its staff in educational centres, organized by principals throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

  • S&T Group has around 1.600 employees in 19 countries,
  • S&T Croatia employs around 140 employees,
  • S&T employs highly educated specialists and consultants and around 70 % of our employees hold a university degree,
  • S&T Croatia has a 21 % share of female employees, among them a considerable number works in management positions,
  • The average age of S&T Croatia staff is 40.

Our key characteristics as an employer include:

  • the chance to organize the work very independently,
  • open communication without hierarchical barriers,
  • constant new challenges through continuous growth of the company,
  • encouraging team work with leading experts in international networks.

We extend a lot of trust and therefore independence to our employees and local organizations, which means that if you are responsible, reliable and can work autonomously, you are in the right place working with us.