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Concentrate upon your core business!

One of S&T's core competences is the operation of outsourced IT infrastructure. This availing of S&T's special services enables you to concentrate upon your core business. While you are doing such, professionals will be reliably and efficiently taking care of your IT.
The spectrum of services in this area is comprised of a variety of phases and components:

The key advantages includes:
  • Housing: making available of computing center infrastructure plus the ongoing maintenance of such in S&T's computing center in Vienna. Supplemental and backup computing centers are to be found in Austria (Klagenfurt), Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.
  • Infrastructure: S&T procures the hardware optimally meeting the needs of the respective operation. Should such be wished, the company also provides maintenance services. Server capacities can be rented from S&T's computing center. This renting is undertaken via a hosting model (“shared hardware”).
  • Platform management: The “S&T International Delivery Center for Infrastructure” supplies availability monitoring, disturbance management, performance monitoring and security management services protecting against viruses and other intrusions. These services also include the monitoring and conducting of backup and restoring processes and compilation and updating of operating manuals.